– Track Down Bugs in Your Virtual Community

BetaBug.comHave you ever been searchng through a site and noticed a bug in it that would make it so much more convenient for you to surf the site if somebody only knew about it? You probably either just got frustrated, dealt with it, or left the site. Now none of the site managers want this to happen, they want it to be fixed to be easier for everyone.

Now with those little bugs that you catch can be reported with just a few clicks of the keyboard, we all know calling or emailing is way too much trouble. With this technology any person can easy report the bugs they encounter so the maker of the site can make the adjustments that they need to make sure that the problem is corrected and the site can be navigated through as easily as possible. In Their Own Words

Betabug is the first Integrated Bug tracking system and a community all together

Bringing you a powerful Bug tracking solution and a top notch community to go along with it. Search for bugs, get solutions, consult. Enjoy the power of a community tighted by bugs.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The website is totally free to use and will be extremely helpful for websmaster to figure out what needs to be fixed, who knows better than the people actually using the site all the time?

Some Questions About

As of now the site is free and there also isn’t any advertising, so unless the change the business model there isn’t much money to be made in this venture.