– Follow Your Life Path

Beta.Xakasha.comXakasha stems from the Indian word ‘akasha’ and means ‘world memory,’ and the ‘x’ stands for cross. Judging from the name, you could infer that Xakasha is a rather new-age-esque social network.

In fact, it’s much like any other network, except that your profile is your life path or akasha. Here you can put your photos, videos, and descriptions of events. There are a range of background templates to choose from; on top of that you can embed videos by date and arrange them to fly by in a dynamic representation of your life path. Your akasha can be linked with others. Explore other people’s life paths, those of your friends, or those of people you don’t know, yet. As with other networks, users can set their privacy levels. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“You can present your life and experiences with xakasha, and link yourself with other people around you. This will comprise a world memory- consisting of individual life paths and events.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Xakasha has taken the concept of a social network and improved it, not by any novel functionalities, but using videos and slick presentations. Xakasha is a visual treat and it does not fall into the trap of many social networks, simply by the manner of its focus.

Some Questions About

Will this akasha concept prove popular? With the many, many, many other social networks out there, how will Xakasha gain traction? Marketing strategy?