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Beta.twitscoop.comTwitscoop is a web based application for Twitter that scours hundreds of “tweets” per minute and pulls out the words that appear most frequently and puts them on their page. Users can go to the website to track what words are being used most at any given moment and they can then hover the mouse over these words to get more information about how many times the words have been used and which sentences they’ve been used in.


You can also search for a specific tag in the provided search bar and see how many times that given tag has been used, allowing you to track the current buzz surrounding just about anything. In Their Own Words

“Twitscoop was built to help you stay on top of Twitter’s hot topics or discussions. Through an automated algorithm, Twitscoop crawls hundreds of Twits every minute and extracts the words which are mentionned more often than usual. The result is displayed in a Tag Cloud, using the following rule: the hotter, the bigger (no joke here).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitscoop, assuming that it works as well as it is claimed to, could become a page where people go to get news before it has broken. Chances are, if a word is being used multiple times it is for a reason, and that way users can find out something breaking before anyone else.

Some Questions About

Could they expand this to include tags by specific categories? It might be a bit hit and miss but it would be interesting to be able to see the tags categorized into fields like: sports, news and politics, etcetera.

Author : Caroline Bright

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