– The AOL Startpage, (you do remember them, don’t you?) has just come out with a new customizable start page called myAOL. In order to centralize everything according to user’s whims, the myPage section offers video search, public galleries, weather, a sticky note pad, headlines and mail updates.

Under the tab labeled Mgnet you’ll find webpage recommendations along with What’s Hot, a listing of headlines and news stories. Pages can be added and nixed with a simple click. Finally, we have the feed reader, which AOL has dubbed ‘Favorites’. Users can easily manage their subscriptions and drag and drop feeds into folders. Full feeds are shown rather than just headlines. Bookmarks are integrated into the feed reader so that users can items for later viewing. myAOL is still in beta, so expect more features to be rolled out soon. In Their Own Words

“myAOL is your home on the Internet. It’s your personal home page that will welcome you every time you start your browser, and the place you’ll come back to over and over again to check out what’s happening, check in with your friends, and check the pulse of your world. myAOL is the completely free way that AOL is making the internet easy again. It puts you back in control, giving you access to all the information and fun you want, and helping you avoid the things you don’t want. It makes you more productive by offering great new ways to store, manage, and discover lots of great stuff, including feeds, bookmarks, content, and applications from all across the Web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

myAOL is a user-friendly start page. It’s extremely easy to navigate and customize. The tabs make switching back and forth between the feed reader and the main page a breeze. And the layout is simple and uncluttered.

Some Questions About

AOL users are dwindling. AOL has to compete with a number of other homepage providers, among which is Google. Will they be able to keep up the numbers?