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Beta.Joggle.comJoggle is a web-service that will let you manage your digital contents with a minimum of hassle. This solution has just moved into public beta, and you can create an account at the site easily and obtain access to a space for mixing and sharing your digital assets as you see fit.


Once you have created an account, the first thing you will see upon logging in is the dashboard. This panel acts as the tool that will enable you to carry out all the abovementioned operations, as well as managing your profile and see how much webspace you have available.

The Dashboard itself gives you centralized access to your media, no matter where it is located – you can access media on your webspace, and also media that is located at websites such as Flickr et al.

You can then modify and share your media at your heart’s content, and upload it everywhere at the same time, or share it privately with members of your family and acquaintances.

Taking into account the ever-widening number of social sites on offer and the amount of media available all over the Internet, there is always room for solutions like this one. You can sign up for free and see if it is right for you or not at In Their Own Words

“Joggle is the easiest way to see, manage, and publish all of your digital content. Whether you want the convenience of updating multiple websites, blogs or social networks at once, or you prefer to just share your content with select family or friends, Joggle is designed by a team of dedicated developers who are constantly thinking of better ways to help you manage your stuff, ways that save you and your friends time and hassle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a ready market for applications that make the social experience a more ordered and organized one.

Some Questions About

Is it free?

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