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Beta.CashCollie.comWho shops alone any longer? Even those who are not really Mr. or Ms. Popularity can find someone to exchange insight with while shopping through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and other such services.

Cash Collie is part of these other such services. It is a group buying platform that will let you get connected with people in order to decide on which will be the best present for that friend whose birthday is looming near, or even decide on a trip you all want to go on together.

This site will let you agree on what has to be bought, and on how much you can spend. And once that has been determined, you will be allowed to shop for the item in question on Cash Collie, and buy it a la Groupon once you have found it.

This site actually features a wide range of categories on its main page – categories such as For Him, For Her, Leisure & Travel, Wellness & Relax… picking something to buy together is not difficult at all. In Their Own Words

Smart shopping with friends.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find exactly what you want to buy online, and have its cost shared with all your friends.

Some Questions About

What else is this site good for?