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Beta.CampusTweet.comThe name of this resource says it all: it is a Twitter directory of alumni and College students. Through the site it is possible to know what students are on Twitter and also how many follow them.


Schools can be browsed alphabetically, and it is always possible to browse schools by State. Both searches can be launched from the main page.

The main page also includes a list of the top campuses in terms of Twitter activity, as well as the top alumni who are on Twitter. That is measured by how many followers each one of them has, obviously.

Lastly, if you are not on Twitter and wish to do so and be instantly featured on this database you can do so by clicking on the “Join your campus” link and become a popular student in no time at all. Whether Twitter popularity translates into campus popularity is a different matter of course, but it is not like it was in 80s when those who used computers and those who set the paces were polar opposites. In Their Own Words

“A Twitter directory of college students and alumni.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the first service of its kind, and the provided information can turn out to have actual transcendence.

Some Questions About

How many Twitterers are already featured as part of the existing database?

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