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Best Biddy is self-defined as the first North American online home service marketplace that addresses all home service needs and focuses exclusively on mobile professionals. Supported categories include home renovation, cleaning & maintenance, catering, health & beauty, entertainment, real estate services, home sitting/pet services, education services and financial services.


Professionals in these categories bid competitively for consumers’ at-home service needs.

The consumer can browse categories, professional profiles and even “ask a professional” in the user forum to help define their requirements; the consumer then posts a project anonymously using only their username and gets bids from local professionals. If there is any ambiguity a home consult can be requested before a bid is placed. The consumer then selects the best bid based on whom they believe best fulfills their requirements. Private message boards enable direct communication between the consumer and professionals throughout the process for easy reference. Once the project is completed the consumer and professional rate each other on Best Biddy.

Ultimately, the site aims to create a paradigm shift in how consumers find and retain quality home service professionals. It is a fact that consumers have to face numerous needs while dealing with growing time constraints. They also like the feeling of being a little pampered by having professionals provide services at their location. That is why a service like this one will no doubt appeal to many a user out there. In Their Own Words

“Best Biddy Corp is a North America-wide online home service marketplace that seeks to improve quality of life at home by providing you with local professionals that deliver a wide array of services to your home. If you need meals delivered, cleaning services, eldercare, childcare, home renovations, health and beauty services, and more we can help.

We will provide you with a competitive auction format so that you can source the professionals that can deliver the best value at the most competitive price. If you don’t like the hassle of contacting multiple professionals, screening, receiving unsolicited calls, negotiating and keeping track of terms of agreement this is a valuable resource for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Consumers are looking for only for home renovators and home maintenance services – they are increasingly looking for services that will ease their hectic lifestyle such as maid services, sitters and all these services that provide a little luxury such as mobile spas, personal trainers/yoga instructors, personal chef service, etc. This site will let them have their needs covered in every account.

Some Questions About

What fees must be paid for using the site?

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