Best Travel Apps to Make Your Summer Vacation Easy to Book

Summer’s almost here! You know what that means — sitting around the house and watching TV. Nah, we’re just kidding. Many of us have been frazzled by staying home for the last couple of years. You probably want to go somewhere and do something exciting. Fortunately, some of the best travel apps are here to help!

Maybe Florida and Walt Disney World are on the table. Or maybe you want to go overseas and see what Tokyo holds in store. The question is, though, how do you book the trip?

Sure, you can go to a travel agent — surprise, they’re still around — and put everything together. Or, if you’re short on cash, you can use one of the best travel apps on the market and book everything yourself. From airfare to hotel to keeping track of your agenda, there are some simple apps that can keep everything together for you.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and use these travel apps to book the vacation of your dreams, rather than staying home and dealing with boredom.


First, let’s say you’re taking a road trip. But you don’t want it to necessarily end up like, say, Chevy Chase’s journey in National Lampoon’s Vacation. As one of the best travel apps when it comes to all things road trip, Roadtrippers is the one to use.

Simply map out your course and watch as you keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been.

Need a gas stop? The app will tell you where to go. Hungry? Seek out the nearest restaurants without losing any traction towards your final destination. Tired? Find a hotel with ease.

With Roadtrippers, mapping out a course has never been easier.


Don’t feel like hitting the road? Then book your trip the right way with one of the best travel apps for hotels and airports — Hopper!

Not to be confused with an Easter bunny — it’s that time of the year — Hopper enables you to book flights and hotels, check quickly for availability and get everything done in one shot.

What’s more, if you need a rental car, you can do that as well. All this with just a few taps on your phone. Then all that’s left is to pick the best price, pick everything up, and continue on your merry little way.

Who wants to waste time sitting at home to book everything for hours on end? This travel app makes it convenient to do everything at once and take your trip — all while saving up to 40 percent off the regular price!

Google Maps

Okay, so you’ve booked your trip, and you’ve got everything set. That said, you have absolutely no idea how to get there. That’s easy — just use Google Maps to plot your course.

It doesn’t need to be said just how dependable Google Maps is these days when it comes to plotting your course or finding that out-of-the-way hotel on your journey. They’ve sent out thousands of cars over the years that map courses to find the fastest route to everything, resulting in one of the best travel apps you can have on your device. Simply put in your address, track where you currently are, and you’re on your way.

Other map apps may work as well, but Google is the most dependable thanks to its growing database of destinations and swiftness in plotting out the right course.

That is, unless you like getting stuck in the mountains…?


Looking for fun activities to do in your travel destination, but aren’t sure who to do them with? Or, for that matter, which group to meet up with?

Well, what luck, there’s an app called Meetup that serves as one of the best travel apps when it comes to putting together something with a similar group of people.

You’ll be able to see what interests are put together wherever you travel, and then see who else is involved. You can also keep track of particular events that are happening in the area, such as a music festival that you had no idea was happening, or maybe even a group of co-workers who are traveling in the same area as you.

And you don’t mind grabbing a quick bite with them at that great restaurant you saw down the street, right?

Meetup is also incredibly convenient when it comes to keeping track of where the rest of your family are, in case they came along with you.

Simply form a group and keep in contact through the app. That way, you can organize and figure out where to meet up later. This is super-convenient in the world of best travel apps, especially if it’s a big family destination like, say, Disneyland. Meetup is a must-download for your device, especially if you travel often.