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Founders Aaron George and Michael Chasin have taken on one hell of a problem – dealing with lawyers. Just ask them about the pain. They were in law school together and found enough that dissatisfied them that they turned to their shared interest in entrepreneurship for careers instead of practicing law. Their collaboration has led to the creation of LawKick.




LawKick is a marketplace for finding legal help online. The goal is to eliminate the inefficiencies that make access to legal help troublesome and help drive up costs. LawKick simplifies the process of finding a lawyer down to three easy steps.


  1. Answer a few basic questions about your need
  2. Receive price quotes from lawyers
  3. Compare offers and choose a lawyer


Lawful With Less Awful

The service is free for users. Lawyers are vetted by LawKick before joining the platform, which, combined with reviews and resumes and prices for comparison, gives people the opportunity to find the right help at the right price quickly.




Let’s be fair and say that lawyers provide necessary help, and that industry practices have sustained the perception of them all being villains while fostering incredible distrust. The LawKick platform encourages transparency and efficiency – and, we can hope, will lead to solving legal matters at lower costs. The site suggests savings of up to 75% for a lawyer’s services and reports that users receive their first price quotes within 18 minutes on average.


Legal Help For Bootstrappers

With the founders’ firsthand knowledge of the system’s woes and their enthusiasm for business, it’s not surprising that LawKick caters heavily to the needs of startup founders – business formation, document drafting and review, employment issues, trademarks, confidentiality agreements, privacy policy for websites and apps, terms of agreement, and other contract and business concerns.


legal pad


You don’t have to talk to many startup founders before you find someone surprised at how fast legal expenses can break a bootstrapper’s budget. A fast and affordable matchmaker lets founders stay focused on the business itself. Says Josh Bevan, CEO & Founder of BlackBox Alpha, ““LawKick gave me a simple source to find, review, and negotiate with a handful of tech savvy local lawyers. The lawyer I ended up hiring is the most service oriented, thorough, responsive, and professional lawyer I have ever worked with!”


Approach the Bench

LawKick also helps individuals find counsel for other concerns (we’ll stay positive and assume that these matters are usually separate from startup problems) – DUI defense, divorce, traffic citations, civil rights, real estate and more. So far, over 250 lawyers have joined LawKick in L.A., New York, San Francisco and Boston.



Expect the team to expand their marketplace. Quick studies, the founders have already had success growing an event and promotion company and – after self-learning graphic design and basic coding – an iPhone app consulting business that now has a portfolio of over 50 apps and has earned $150K in revenue. LawKick has raised $200,000 in seed funding to date. Chasin says, “There is nothing more rewarding in this world than to create a scalable solution that makes millions of lives faster, better or easier.”


Visit to learn more about the company, to find legal help, or offer legal services.


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