– Plugin for Bloggers today can carry as much clout as do bloggers. In fact, commenters usually have interesting counterpoints to a blogger’s argument, and they do indeed enrich a blog in their interactions.

They also probably could make good buddies, at least of the internet sort, the kind you’d Facebook or Myspace. MeetYourCommenters actually helps you to do that. The WordPress plugin shows the profiles and webpages of commenters in your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to add them as friends on your network of choice. It does so by utilizing the Google Social Graph API which verifies users and their comments (using rel=me links). Thus commenters and bloggers can meet up on Twitter, Flickr, etc, and further expand their friendship. In Their Own Words

“When someone comments on your blog and writes a comment with his/her URL, is leaving more information than you think. This wordpress plugin displays web pages and profiles of those users in the dashboard, so you can add them as friends if you are in the same social network. You will be able to know the profiles of your visitors in social networks like flickr, twitter, facebook,…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great tool for bloggers as it gives them insight into who their commenters are. They can thus expand their social network and fine tune their blog posts to attract more readers based on comments/commenter profiles.

Some Questions About

Will this be available for other blogging platforms? How many social networks does it support? How easy is it to use?