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BenchPrep.comA dynamic online learning platform, BenchPrep is here to revolutionize the way in which students apprehend knowledge and share what they have learned. Available both as a web service and as a mobile application (iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle are all supported), BenchPrep enables users to study on their device of choice while they immerse themselves in an interactive and personalized game-like environment.

BenchPrep has partnered with renowned publishers that provide courses for standard test prep, and the BenchPrep team reformats the content to present it in a way that leverages the flexibility of the Internet, or the mobile device the student is using. The goal is to let him interact with the content in a way that makes subjects easy to get to grips with, and also share what he is learning with other students as if they were all sitting in the same room together, boning up on some typically taxing subject such as algebra or math. And students are empowered to identify their areas of weakness and focus on that thanks to BenchPrep’s superb tracking and reporting capabilities. In Their Own Words

We believe that learning should be fun. We believe it should be social. Engaging. Interactive. And totally accessible anytime, anywhere.

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