– Fantasy League Team Analyzer

Benchcoach.comIf you are a fantasy baseball fan, then is going to become your new best friend.

Benchcoach allows you to upload your Yahoo, ESPN or CBS Sportsline team in 3 easy steps and then it analyzes your team for you and makes recommendations for you on how to improve it. If you are thinking about making a trade for example, just enter the players into and it will give you a statistical breakdown on how you will fare at the end of the season because of the trade. Benchcoach can also tell you how your team ranks in relation to other teams in your league, what you could do to improve the team, and what to do when the team behind you makes a move to keep pace with them. In Their Own Words

“Benchcoach is a web-based baseball statistical analysis tool whose primary goal is to help people optimize their fantasy sports teams. Our goal is to become an authoritative site for baseball stats.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great analytical tool for fantasy baseball players and it should become an instant hit in this space. The ability to analyze your team and improve it is something that all fantasy players look for.

Some Questions About

Will they be expanding benchcoach to include other major professional sports leagues? The soccer/football market is probably already saturated but there is ample room for this type of tool in the NHL, NBA and NFL.