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Times Square, the Empire State Building: scoop of chocolate, scoop of vanilla…


Don’t get me wrong, the iconic tourist attractions of NYC are well worth a visit. Everyone should absolutely check out Broadway and stroll through Central Park. There is so much to see and do in the city that never sleeps, however, that you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t make time for less posterized places.


Behind The Scenes NYC is a website for tapping into insider knowledge to discover the best that NYC has to offer. It’s a resource for “strengthening the local community, thinking disruptively, exploring the best of NY far from the touristy scene!”


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If there’s one thing that New Yorkers never get enough of, it’s New York (I say this with the greatest fondness, having lived two of the best years of my life in Manhattan). They have good reason to speak endlessly about their home. The great metropolis is constantly changing and filled with unmatched treasures – from art, to entertainment, to architecture, gastronomy… You have to live there to understand how impossible it is to take everything in.


That’s why taking advantage of New Yorker’s knowledge of the city is a smart idea. By all means, use Behind The Scenes NYC to guide you to activities and establishments in all the boroughs. You can even request a customized city guide for personalized tips.


Nightlife, day trips, music, city secrets – Behind The Scenes NYC covers whatever rocks your world. Tourists and New Yorkers alike can turn to Behind The Scenes NYC to stay up on the latest opportunities, which have a way of vanishing in the sea of media devoted to the city.


Gawking is obligatory, whether you’re gazing into shop windows, taking in an art show, or marveling at the astonishing bill for your salad and glass of wine enjoyed at a marvelous rooftop perch. To avoid complete sensory overload, it’s a good idea to have plans in NYC. You could spend all of your time sifting through options, or you could turn to a source of trusted knowledge about how to best spend your time.


You can have or do pretty much whatever you want in New York – around the clock! – if you know how to find it. Take guesswork out of the process and uncover the best NYC experiences that only locals know about. If at least some part of you doesn’t yearn to know New York as only New Yorkers do, then you haven’t been properly exposed to NYC. Have another look behind the scenes.


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