– Carbon Calculator and Carbon Offsets

Begreennow.comBeGreenNow is a site that hopes to help reduce global warming by providing people with the ability to calculate their carbon footprint, compare it with the US average, and then reduce it by taking a number of possible steps. BeGreenNow provides a wealth of information about energy saving tools and practices that you can adopt to lower your footprint.

Whatever you can’t reduce with technology or lifestyle changes, you can neutralize by purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits that help fund cleaner technologies and neutralize individuals’ impact on global warming. BeGreenNow, through its parent company Green Mountain Energy, claims to have already saved over 4,100,000 metric tons of Co2. In Their Own Words

“We all contribute to global warming when we do things like heat and cool our homes, drive our cars, and fly on airplanes. The good news? BeGreen empowers you to take an active role in neutralizing your carbon emissions and reducing your impact on global warming.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BeGreenNow helps consumers lessen their environmental impact while at the same time recognizing that achieving a footprint of zero is not practical. Allowing users to recognize the effect they have, and by offset credits to lessen it, is a great idea and the site should become increasingly popular.

Some Questions About

Is this site a non-profit endeavor or are they turning a profit with their program?