– A Fun Image Scrambler is a fun site where you can spend hours de scrambling images.

On the homepage of the site there are different categories of flickr images to choose from. These categories are a lot of fun there is the LOL cats, hello kitty, Disney, and more. You can choose one of theses categories then choose a photo from the category’s list to befuddlr or you can upload your own image to befuddlr. Once you choose an image you scramble it then put it back together as fast as you can. Once you have put the image back together it gives you your time. Keeping track of your fastest time is a fun feature because you can try to beat it. Have fun scrambling images at In Their Own Words

“A delightful diversion”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a fun, playful interface. The black background really makes the neon letters stand out. has a lot of fun image categories to choose from. Allowing users to upload their own image is a fun feature. Also the timing is a fun feature because you can challenge friends to unscramble faster than you.

Some Questions About

Befuddlr should have a list users who can unscramble the fastest. It would be fun if there were different levels of unscrambling. The image could be divided into smaller pieces which would make it harder.