– Have A Facebook Store

Beetailer.comIf dollar signs start rolling in your eyes whenever you see a store on Facebook and you find yourself wishing to build one of your own, then this is a site you will be glad you tried.

Simply put, Beetailer lets anybody come up with his very own store on Facebook, regardless of how much of a programmer he really is, and how much time he really has to look after everything once the store is open to the public.

On Beetailer, the whole process of creating a Facebook store is simplified to the limit as you can take your currently existing web store and have it imported onto Facebook. Nothing will be lost along the way, and everything will become updateable in an even faster way than before.

This online store will be compatible with your available checkout system, and the implementation of both campaigns and promotions will be dealt with in a couple of clicks. Detailed analytics will let you see how well everything is really turning out to work. In Their Own Words

Bring your store to Facebook and grow your business.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let just anybody expand his commercial presence into the single most important network available today.

Some Questions About

How long does it usually take for a whole store to be imported using Beetailer? Which precautions should be taken?