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Beerby.comBeerby is a mobile app for beer lovers. It is currently available both to people who have iPhones and Android handsets, and in both cases it offers the very same set of functionalities. Those who install it will be able to write notes on these beers that they are drinking right as they are doing it, and share them with other users of the app. The idea is to let everybody know where the best beers can be had.


And the site takes after Foursquare, too – gaming elements have been fully implemented. Users of Beerby compete to get badges, and wear them with pride on their profiles. The top users are all displayed on the provided leaderboard, and the app can also highlight both the top beers and the top locations wherever you are. This means that if you decide to go out all of a sudden and need some quick inspiration Beerby will certainly not let you down. And integration both with Facebook and with Twitter is provided, and the app is (obviously) all the better for that. In Their Own Words

The ultimate app for beer fans.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As an application, it is all you need to ensure a great start to a memorable night out.

Some Questions About

Which cities have seen the most activity so far? Why is that?

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