KillerStartups – Crowd Sourcing Platform

Beequu.comDepending on where you stand, crowdsourcing in the marketing space could either be defined as a cool concept that allows individuals to have a greater say in the development of a product or idea, or simply a way for companies to pick the brains of consumers without having to pay them a dime. Regardless of your point of view, BeeQuu is a new platform for innovation marketing and crowdsourcing that allows people with ideas to present them to the investors, companies and the rest of the general public.

BeeQuu also provides companies with the platform to find ideas and innovations and get in contact with creative thinkers. Basically, this platform allows marketers to user the power and intelligence of the crowd for free. In Their Own Words

“ is a global platform for innovation marketing, open innovation and crowd sourcing. If you have an idea- Present your ideas and innovations. Get in contact with investors and companies. If you need an idea- Find ideas and innovations. Get in contact with creative thinkers. Use the power and intelligence of the crowd.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The platform is quite well-designed and if they can succeed in attracting a few businesses requiring ideas it might get the site going.

Some Questions About

Perhaps they could look for a company interested in sponsoring a competition to generate more awareness?

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