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BeepTower.comLink sharing seems to be all the buzz lately. Not only can you share stuff through Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, etc.


, now you can do it through What is

Well, the service allows you to upload links to it, and then it allows your friends to choose how they want to see the items you’ve shared. For example, I can upload all kinds of links, and then my friends can choose to get them through email or RSS feed. This tailor-made approach to receiving updates should appeal to people who are tired of receiving constant alerts from Facebook, Twitter, etc. The service is pretty easy to use, but one question does come into mind: isn’t FriendFeed a lot more complete and, more importantly, more popular?

Why should people use when FriendFeed offers basically the same thing, and it’s a lot more automated? I don’t know, but if you’re looking for something a bit more private, you got to give it a try. In Their Own Words

“You send messages to your friends, we deliver them without troubles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It allows for a lot more privacy than FriendFeed, which should be enough for those who don’t like their lives to be broadcasted through the web.

Some Questions About

Will anyone use this, having the possibility to use FriendFeed? Does it sport enough features to make it a winner in the link sharing market?

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