– Create 3D Avatars From Your Mobile makes it really simple to create your own avatars complete with customizable voice messages, directly from your mobile phone.

While it is a mobile solution, you will first have to visit, sign up, and choose which avatar you’d like to be represented by. Next, simply phone the 800-number that they provide you with upon avatar selection, and record whatever message you’d like your avatar to say. Once you’ve completed these steps, wait a few minutes while Beema works on your own unique customized animation and then sends you a text message with a URL containing your avatar animation. Share this link, put it on your blog, website, or even use it as your email signature. In Their Own Words

“Beema Inc. has taken over a decade of video and animation experience and concentrated it into a mobile application that allows users to create their very own, custom animation in seconds with nothing more than their mobile phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While you do have to go online to register yourself, once complete, you can make multiple messages and animations just by picking up your phone. This is a fun tool that anyone can use and it could be especially effective for last-minute birthday greetings.

Some Questions About

Is there any thought of providing users with the functionality to upload their own avatar designs? While it is great to be able to make a new animation on your mobile, are they not also going to allow people to do the same from the website? That would allow people outside of North America to use the service as well.