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BeDesk.netBeDesk is a desktop tool available to registered users that allows those users to be linked directly to their favorite sites and networks. BeDesk provides to access those bookmarked sites from anywhere.


The My Menu function allows for unlimited folders and subfolders to be added. The Social Menu links users to their maps, news, photos, games, and web applications. Additional links, such as YouTube Top Favorites, enhances the site with saved favorite online video clips. The website will soon offer additional features, such as the ability to be shared and personalized, as well as the ability to share the bookmark menu with other users. In Their Own Words

“BeDesk is a mashup for making the user experience simple as the desktop applications and to providing unique ways to visualize data.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although BeDesk is indeed a unique way to view data, it is a bit confusing and overwhelming at first, which may actually turn users off. Typos and misspellings on the site make it look unprofessional and unpolished. However, the basic desktop functions could be useful.

Some Questions About

How may the site text be edited and corrected so that it is properly delivered? How may the navigation through the menus be simplified? What explanation link could be added to describe the features and uses of BeDesk?


Author : Bill Webb

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