– A New Beauty & Skincare Network

BeautyStat.comWhen looking beautiful and striking is the order of the day, a site just as this one is more than likely to come in handy. As its name denotes, this network is devoted to beauty considerations, specifically skin care and how to find the right product from expert sources.

This online initiative is run by Mr. Ron Robinson and Miss. Charu Suri. Mr. Robinson has been a developer of skincare products for beauty companies such as Avon and Revlon, whereas Miss. Suri is a well-respected journalist that edits the drugstore glossy “Reinventing Beauty”.

On the site, then, women can read product reviews and opinions from other women and also join discussion groups and see if they can arrive at some sort of consensus as regards which product is the right one.

In last place, it must also be mentioned that site users can obtain free VIP points and beauty samples, so that those who read about the latest products on the website will also have a chance of getting their hands on them. In Their Own Words

“The site enables women to benefit from the successes—and the disappointments—of others, allowing them to make informed decisions about their beauty purchases.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Women like to discuss about beauty-related issues for hours on end. An online resource such as this one will enable to do so on the spot, and in a flexible way.

Some Questions About

What gives it an edge over related sites on the web?