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Beatport.comBeatPort is a Myspace song player. The music player is one in a rather long list of similarly themed apps for the social network.


That being said, BeatPort distinguishes itself as being a specialist in dance tunes and remixes. Their entirely Flash based site gives visitors a run down of how the player works. Users can create widgets from the selection of top downloads, artists, or labels (they work with 4,000 labels, and house over 10,000 artists and songs). The player itself can be fine tuned to a point. Users can download songs from the site on a pay per download basis. They also offer an affiliate program. In Their Own Words

“The Beatport Player is the world’s first viral media player useable anywhere, that harnesses the power of the Beatport’s massive catalog of electronic music. The Beatport player generator allows you to select a type of player’ Top Download Players, Artist Players, Label Players, and more. After choosing your player type, you narrow down your player preferences from simple options that allow you to create a unique playlist to your taste. Then simply post your player to your MySpace page, blog or personal website for everyone to enjoy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BeatPort fulfills the needs of a niche audience. Dance music lovers will find a large selection to choose from, and they’ll be able to boast their musical smarts with the Myspace player.

Some Questions About

BeatPort’s player isn’t the slickest thing around and it lacks customization options. I don’t see skins or templates, and it may be too intrusive to some users’ tastes.

Author : Siri Marshall

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