– License Your Music can be accurately termed a music licensing service for any kind of media and commercial exploitation.

Moreover, the site empowers those who are looking for free music downloads for non-commercial projects to find what they want effortlessly. And another remarkable service provided by BeatPick is that of rendering free music consultancy within 24 hours of a user placing a question.

When it comes to the actual musicians making up the roster, about 200 can already be found online. These showcase all music flavours and genres from over 40 different countries. The actual number of music tracks available is that of 5,000, and the number is growing exponentially. A streaming player is featured, of course, and it lets you listen to anything you are keen on without further ado as well saving and sharing playlists.

At the end of the day, the site clearly has what it takes to meet the needs of professionals, developing artists and students the world over. If you are looking into making a name in the industry, it is not that far fetched to say that visiting BeatPick can be a valuable first step towards achieving that aim. In Their Own Words

“Music licensing for film, TV and advertising use (license pre-cleared music).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Getting into the industry is not something necessarily easy, but this site shows that it is not that hard as many of us would think either.

Some Questions About

How much can you earn if you manage to place a song through the site? Is there a minimum fee that is always paid?