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Beaconstreetgirls.comBeacon Street Girls, the book series aimed at “tween” girls, has launched its accompanying website. This social network is a credible forum for pre-teen ladies to create their own personal profiles, and meet and chat with other girls their own age.


BSG fans can communicate through the numerous virtual “clubs,” from the BSG Cheerleading and Softball Teams, which connect girls who participate in those sports, to the BSG Arts and Crafts Club, which allows girls to share their favorite art project ideas. Games and loads of other fun features, like the ability to decorate your own virtual locker, bring BSG book readers together in this engaging online network. In Their Own Words

“We provide girls, especially those ages 9 to 13, with positive role models and empowering messages. We give them a look at a wide range of life experiences, supplying them with problem-solving tools that they can apply to their own lives. And we do it in a fun and entertaining way that makes girls want to come back again and again.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is a safe and credible site for young girls. It is a very niche site, as users stem from BSG book readers. The numerous outlets in which girls can interact with each other on this site will engage them and keep them completely entertained.

Some Questions About

How can security and privacy be guaranteed? What features, spotlights, or links can be added to further capture users’ attention?

Author : Bill Webb

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