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Bccth.isAny average Twitter user updates his status several times a day. As such, it is always probable that these updates that came early will eventually be displaced and sort of become lost along the way.


That is a problem if you posted a message for a specific person to read and the person did not log into Twitter until it was much later on. Bcc This is a new service that aims to address such a shortcoming by sending the concerned individuals a note informing them that a personal update was actually posted, and could they please read it as soon as they are connected.

In practice, this notification is sent in the shape of a direct message. This has the obvious disadvantage of increasing the number of such messages that anybody will receive, and I do know people who are going to be extremely irked by that. Still, the vast majority of Twitter users will find such a functionality valuable. And the fact a Firefox plugin is provided just gives it all even more flexibility. In Their Own Words

“Ever notice how hard it is to have your tweets noticed by the followers that really matter to you? Do you often have more to say but don’t really want to share it with the entire Twitterverse? Use and your selected followers will never miss a tweet!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool makes Twitter a more reliable communication tool on the whole.

Some Questions About

Won’t this be a little cluttersome in the long run?

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