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BatLyrics.comBatLyrics is a site you should keep in mind if you are the kind who values the actual words of songs. Sadly, that is something not everybody does. Many are just happy to know the lyrics to the choruses of their favorite tunes, and hum these when the time comes. But for the ones who understand the importance of a well-crafted lyric, and who want to get the words to these composition they love right, it hardly gets any better than BatLyrics.


The site will let them search for lyrics based on the name of the song, the album that it is featured, and (of course) who sings it. Likewise, BatLyrics lets users find lyrics by supplying just some isolated words that they remember from the whole song, and take these as the starting point.

And the newest lyrics that have been added to the database are highlighted on the homepage, along with the newest music videos that have been recorded. These are all viewable at a click. And there is also a ranking bringing together the top 10 lyrics of the current week and the past month. In Their Own Words

Are you looking for lyrics to a song? You will find numerous lyrics-providing websites on the web but many of them are unreliable as they might have incorrect lyrics. To view lyrics that are reliable, check out BatLyrics.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes finding the lyrics to go with any song you like an absolute piece of cake. And you can watch music videos, too.

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How many new song lyrics are added per day?

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