Basic/Outfitters Is The Easiest, Most Affordable Way To Stock Your Socks

Today’s Killer Startup: Basic/Outfitters


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Elevator Pitch:

Basic/Outfitters is a men’s basics brand that makes it fast, simple, and affordable to buy underwear, shirts, socks, or joggers.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I hate buying socks. They’re one of those annoying things you have to have but are, a) unreasonably priced and, b) boring AF. Like, who ever gets pumped about going to buy socks? I’m going to guess that the answer to that one is “almost no one.”


Michael Dweck, the founder of Basic/Outfitters, feels the sock (and other underthings) buying pain, at least for dudes. His brand new site is all about making it super simple and totally affordable to restock your underwear drawer. For a set $30, guys can buy a pack of underwear, shirts, socks, or joggers — and the whole process takes two minutes online. Each pack is a “modular pack,” which means that customers can mix and match sport, casual, dressy, or novelty basics as well as hipster, pretty, dress, or casual looks.


Also, guys who really need to restock everything can go for the “Create-A-Drawer” option, which lets you purchase one of each pack for $60, a 50% discount. That option comes with up to 19 items made from high-quality materials like microfibers, sueded jersey, cotton, and stretch jersey – which pretty much makes it an unbeatable deal.


“You should only be spending 2 minutes to buy your basics,” Basic/Outfitters founder and CEO Michael Dweck said. “The choices should be that simple. With ample but not overwhelming choices and a single price point of $30 across the Basic/Outfitters site, consumers can always be assured they’re receiving quality, cost-conscious basics to match their personal style.”


Finally, as a special gift from Basic/Outfitters to KillerStartup readers, users can get 25% off of their order (except for Create-A-Drawer) if they enter the code Killer25 at check out. So, Mr. Dweck, I only have one final question for you: When are you launching a Basic/Outfitters for the ladies?



Sick of spending too much money on socks and underwear? Get them all in under 2 minutes on @basicoutfitters


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