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Fight Back Against Fast Fashion With Beautiful Dresses From Basiccontent

Today’s Killer Startup: basiccontent





Elevator Pitch:

Basiccontent “creates versatile but simple dresses, made with feel good high-end fabrics, paired with minimalist construction techniques and designs.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

There’s nothing like a beautiful dress made from lovely fabric to make a girl feel good. I’m a total sucker for fabrics. In fact, I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars over the past two days on handmade fabrics — batiks and lace — as I prepare to leave Bali. While those textiles are a riot of color, I can definitely appreciate a solid, simple textile on a solid, simple dress.


That’s why I’m digging basiccontent. This new company out of San Francisco is for women who are into classic forms in a classic fabric: silk, chiffon, and cotton. They’ve sourced their silk from New Jersey and they make the dresses themselves in San Francisco, so customers can rest assured that they’re buying an item that’s not only lovely luxury but also sweatshop-free and American-made. (Nothing beats looking super hot except for looking super hot and feeling totally righteous about it. Am I right, ladies?)


Basiccontent has just released their first line of dresses, which look not only lovely but also super comfy. That’s because you won’t find one zipper or button on basiccontent dresses, so they’re designed to fit onto your body smoothly and easily. No more struggling with clasps or needing someone else to zip you up. With a basiccontent dress, you just slide it on and you’re good to go.


Finally, you’re going to pay much less for a basiccontent dress than you would for one of similar quality anywhere else. That’s because you’re buying it directly from the designer, Catherine Cason, which means that there are no middle man costs hidden in the price you pay.



Sick of #fastfashion? @basiccontent has the remedy with their beautiful #silk dresses!

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Author : Emma McGowan

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