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BaseEstate.comTired of milling through big time real estate sites that only serve to prolong the search process with a million unnecessary steps and useless information to raise prices? combines features such as Google Base and Google Maps to provide one of the biggest real estate sites search engines- but they keep it simple.

Here, community members can locate property to rent, buy, or lease with access to 4,000,000 listings. Community members have the power here by being able to add listings found at corporate sites and add features that are important to them. is intent on not providing an excessive amount of features to impress the community- they give the important features and information to help people in their property search. Searches are simple and users can input desired location and view superb visuals with Google maps. This site can even be used to search available farms and ranches! In Their Own Words

“Like many ideas was born out of a research project for something completely different. Built as a test framework from a business framework BaseEstate soon outgrew it’s original purpose. As features where added and Google Base© and Google Maps© were plugged in soon became a great place for you to find Real Estate and Property to Buy, Rent or Lease. With access to 4,000,000 million listings it is one of the biggest Real Estate search engines on the web. is a community driven site. You tell me what features you want the big boys such as, and have and they will be added in. won’t be driven to adding more and more features that consumers don’t need and don’t want to justify high prices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a cool website that is easy to use and has information from all the big real estate search sites. Information is clearly presented and the use of Google Maps really enhances the visitors experiences.

Some Questions About

This site is basic and does not have any features that stand out that much from all the other real estate sites. BaseEstate will need to add something special somehow in order to be successful.