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BarkingDeals.comExactly what the title of the review says. This is a daily deals website in which pet owners can get cool items and products for their beloved companions. And if I am not mistaken, this is the first site of its kind to come along. Top marks to the ones who dreamed it up for getting there first.

Leaving that aside, the site offers no notable developments. The deal of the day is highlighted on the main page, and you are told how much you would be saving if you do get the item. A big timer is likewise displayed for you to know how long you will have to think the transaction over and make Fido happy.

Speaking of which, the site has some social features like letting you upload a picture of your pet and compete for a chance of having it become the Pet Of The Week. That is a very fine touch, and I hope more features of that nature keep on being added. Not because they would save the site (it is already good), but because they would perfect it. In Their Own Words

Pet deal of the day.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no other site like it currently available anywhere else.

Some Questions About

Which features will be added next?