– Mobile browsing made easier

BareSite.comBareSite is a web-based browser that makes browsing websites with a mobile fast and easy–and as a result, cheaper, because you are using fewer mobile online minutes. You can use BareSite.

com to view websites and RSS feeds, and search for news, jobs, weather and traffic. Registration is not needed, and no download or installation is necessary. The service works by creating a mobile version of the site for display on mobile devices. If you like to use your mobile to keep up with news and surf job opportunities, save some time and money by using BareSite’s quick search. In Their Own Words

WHY USE BARESITE: User friendly, no registration & support for feeds.
There are some other services out there that ‘crunch’ websites in order to be viewed by mobile devices. They are very good, and probably have many more developers available than we do. So, why choose BareSite?
– We do not require users to register to set preferences
– We do not add advertisements in the content
– We give you handy one click lists (favorites, most visited, last visited, etc.)
– We crunch sites way more, making browsing cheaper
– We support RSS feeds (automatic recognition)
– We are highly customizable by setting preferences
– We let you choose your favorite search engine

Why It Might Be A Killer

BareSite provides a service that enhances and facilitates the mobile browsing experience. Now people who previously worried about fees or were annoying by slow browsers will find it easier to get things done online with their mobiles.

Some Questions About

It’s a great idea, but it sounds like BareSite needs to expand the concept a bit more. After all, there are so many things people want to do on the internet, besides just getting news and searching jobs, such as checking e-mail and messenging within social networks.