Baoding Ball Simulator by MindTrip Studio is world’s first.

What,” I can hear you asking, “is a Baoding Ball?”

Baoding are metal balls designed as zen meditation tools, 保定健身球, or “Bǎodìng Jiànshēn Qiú” in Chinese. They’re more widely known in the west as Chinese meditation balls, hand-exercise balls, or Chinese medicine balls.

These balls were first created in Hebei, during the Ming Dynasty, a region that continues to produce them in large quantities. Originally known as “iron balls,” modern baoding usually come in sets of two hollow spheres, with both containing a wire and marble system that causes the spheres to chime when they are moved and handled.

Baoding balls are used in a contemplative exercise which involves rotating two or more balls, repeatedly, in the hand. This improves finger dexterity, relaxes the hand, and can aid in the recovery of muscle strength and motor skills after surgery. They work similarly to Western “stress balls.”

Mind Trip’s baoding ball simulator “Zen Meditation Spheres” is a fun and accurate simulator offering many of the same health and wellness benefits found in the traditional balls. These include: Clearing the mind, relaxation, stimulating meditation, lowering anxiety, improving patience and enhancing sleep.

The app’s ball sounds are real and authentic, and includes five nature scenes, each with their own relaxing melody and tied to a specific element, to further enhance the relaxing and meditative experience.

As the only baoding ball simulator on the Google Play store, Zen Meditation Spheres is already gathering considerable praise from users, with 4.7 star rating overall. You can find Zen Meditation Spheres from Mind Trip here.

Zen Meditation Spheres