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BanzaiWay.comBanzai is a web application based on The Banzai Way, a personal finance philosophy which emphasizes individual responsibility for spending decisions. In an uncertain economic environment, Banzai offers users an affordable, web-based system to control their spending and get out of debt, aided by the personal assistance of a Banzai Coach.

No system can help you control your spending until you actually want to be helped. That said, the commitment required is tiny compared to the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are living within your means, getting out of debt, and saving for the future. As they say: you can “follow the way in five minutes a day”. In Their Own Words

“The Banzai Way is an entirely new approach to controlling your spending. Dissatisfied with traditional financial management tools, we began with a clean sheet of paper and created a system which gives your money a purpose.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Most online financial tools emphasize putting your finances on “autopilot.” The Banzai Way is a philosophy designed to help people become more in touch with their financial decisions and aware of their consequences. Banzai isn’t simply about being “up-to-date,” it is about taking control and making a difference in your spending.

Some Questions About

How good is the quality of the services? Will really catch on?