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BantamLive.comA service which has just moved into public beta and which can be employed by the public at large without having to request a key, Bantam is there to let anybody build an online workspace for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. It lets you do much more than that, actually, as the real-time dashboard and micro-blogging functionalities on offer turn it into a CRM powerhouse.


There is even a feature that enables the user to track deals, and another one for sharing and coordinating events with elasticity.

It goes without saying that major social services like Twitter are either already supported or will be supported imminently.

On the whole, if you are looking into promoting your brand this service will let you branch out and make a whole new set of connections while keeping track of your daily operations at the same time.

Signing up for the service and creating your own Bantam page is accomplished easily, since all you have to do is furnish the customary personal and profile information, as well as choosing your intended Bantam URL (it will bear the extension “” by default). The whole process is completely inexpensive, too. In Their Own Words

“Bantam Networks is located in the SoHo district of New York City. Our product, called Bantam Live, is an online service for business teams to collaborate in a workspace and build business relationships across the web. Users can share information, track activity, and manage contact and company relationships inside and outside the organization. Status updating, commenting, messaging, and interacting with social network contacts and content weave purposefully into business workflows (contact management, social CRM engagement and workflows, task management, calendaring, deal tracking, project management). Integrated to Twitter and soon other social networks, Bantam Live also allows a business team to search, monitor, and connect with people across the web for business development, sales, and marketing purposes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very comprehensive solution that lets any company consolidate its gains while moving forwards at the very same time.

Some Questions About

What are the limitations of the current beta release?

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