KillerStartups – Marketing Advertising is a full service online marketing agency that employs online marketing professionals that truly understand the online medium.

Banner Blindness consulting services consist of numerous product offerings that focus on increasing your site traffic, online revenue/profit, viral syndication, banner creation, etc. The internet, television, radio, and all other forms of content distribution are rapidly changing as a result of the internet. For example, Google Adwords now allows advertisers to place radio, newspaper, and even television advertisements all through the Adwords advertising console. The online marketing consultants at have been creating, optimizing, and marketing websites, direct response products, and high-end professional services for over 8 years. Contact Banner Blindness to learn how we can help your online marketing efforts. In Their Own Words

“Banner Blindness Inc. is an online marketing and web development company that offers the following services: Mobile Software Development – currently building numerous software applications for Google’s new Android platform. Facebook Application Development – currently building and owns numerous Facebook applications that are producing recurring online advertising revenue.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Blog development, social media optimization, and viral video marketing will continue to be the most effective form of online marketing in 2008 and beyond. The advertising experts at Banner Blindness are currently working with Samsung, Toshiba, and other large consumer electronic companies in creating online buzz and attention for product launches.

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