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Banking Is About To Become Much Better – Without The Banks

Banking is so yesterday.


Take note, dear readers: this is the first time (and likely the last) you will find me beating millennials to the punch – speaking a truth that belongs to their generation, using their language, perhaps ever so slightly ahead of the times.


With automatic deposits and online banking options, brick and mortar branches already feel like curious relics. If cryptocurrency doesn’t finish off the old ways of banking, then just maybe creating a banking experience tailored to the mobile-first youngsters will.


Looking to be the innovator that delivers the death knell is Float, a banking platform designed for the “hyper-connected, socially-conscious consumer.”


What you won’t find using Float to manage your money: absurd interest fees, overdraft fees, and hidden fees. No delays when you want to access your funds or transfer money among family and friends. No monthly fees, no fees to get a card, no fees to use the service. No behemoth organization that regards your money as its commodity. In short, you will not need to do business with institutions that seem intent on entrapping and robbing their customers.



float landing



Float aims to take the big bank out of banking, giving individuals greater control and flexibility with their finances. People enjoy on-demand access to money anywhere, anytime, through their smartphone. And Float intends to keep its practices honest and transparent (and secure, of course).


Gone will be the troubles obtaining credit that young people now face. Instead of waits and miserable terms, Float gives users a digital line of credit – ready to be spent using a stylish Float card or transferred to any Visa card. Float relies on “a proprietary real-time underwriting engine that uses transactional data and machine learning algorithms to determine credit worthiness.” To the point: users enjoy 0% credit as soon as they’ve signed up for an account.


A stylish dashboard makes viewing essential account information a breeze. Activity overviews are straightforward and easy to navigate. WIth a keen eye for mobile design and a flashy tokenized Float card, Float looks to emulate Apple by making banking not only smart and simple, but cool.



float example



Wait, a new banking model that responds to its customers? that understands mobile? Good thing Float doesn’t have a traditional building, or there’d be one hell of a line to sign up.


If you’re eager to turn to a savvy tech company for financial services instead of one of the huge (read: tarnished) brands, check out Float at Free checking, easy online payments, instant access to credit. Who needs money in the bank with that kind of money in your phone?


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Author : Keith Liles

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