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BandWars.orgWe all know it is a bit childish, but we all get down to these my-band-is-better-than-yours arguments. And these are the kind of arguments that nobody could settle for good. Some might resort to record sales, others to the actual number of tickets a band has sold, others to how many number one hits the band in question managed to land… Every person has an understanding of his own, and a way to make his best-loved band prevail over the rest. Well, what about adding a kind of way for measuring how right one might be about a band being better than others? That is what this site lets people do, to some extent.


See, on BandWars anybody can have his favorite band pitched against others. You can pitch bands like The Rolling Stones against The Beatles, or The Who against The Kinks. And you will get to determine which is more popular/better or whatever you want to call it by looking at the number of positive votes each band gets. OK, that is not foolproof or final in any way. But it goes into showing which bands resonate more with the general public.

What is important to note is that bands which are new to the scene can also take part of these confrontations. This turns the site into a promotional resource of sorts – it is very easy for emerging artists to become a little more visible by taking part of battles here. In Their Own Words

Bandwars music community.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun and fast way to figure out which bands are better-perceived by the general public.

Some Questions About

How many users has the site already got? Which bands have been lauded as the very best so far?

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