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Bandhack.comWith every single band on the planet having a fan page on Facebook, sometimes it is downright impossible to keep on top of all the events shaping the musical scene.


Bandhack is a new site that aims to do something about that. It has been built from the ground up to let fans find out all there is to know about bands in their local areas.

On the Bandhack website, you are provided with two main sections that go by self-explanatory names: Local Bands and Local Shows. Of course, for content to be displayed in either category you must be logged in first. But that is basically the one and only requirement for using the site.

And if you are in a band yourself, you can become listed on the site within minutes. It is all a matter of submitting the relevant information when prompted, and then your band and/or show will become listed for all to know and support. In Their Own Words is a catalog of local bands and local shows on Facebook.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are so many bands on Facebook that something like this is the only way of truly being in the loop.

Some Questions About

Is this a worldwide service?

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