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BandDigs.comEveryone is trying to crack into the music industry, and especially with television show such as American Idol and spinoffs from it, more and more people are obseesed with watching these people evolve from up and comers to big stars, with members can serach through the lists and communicate with the artists themselves and hear their new music, find out where thier latest shows are and so on.

This can also be a great opportunity for the artists themselves to be able to expose themselves to the world and gather a fanbase that might have otherwise never heard of them. The bands also have a shot to be discovered by talent scouts who are definitely searching these kinds of sites for new acts. In Their Own Words

BandDigs is a unique interactive music web community that revolutionizes the way bands and fans communicate! Bands use our site to video chat with their fans and to stream live video from cool places like back stage at venues, their rehearsal spaces, recording studios and even clubs. By joining BandDigs, overnight you will have increased your audience potentially to millions of people around the world! Bands can even chat with their agent, manager, record label, media and even with their family and friends back home when they are on the road!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Clearly an up and coming band would want to get all of the exposure that they possibly could get, so most bands are already on Facebook and MySpace and sites like that, being on a site specifically for music lovers is obviously the next logical step.

Some Questions About

There are a number of sites doing this same exact thing, creating web communities for the artists and bands to interact, will this company be able to do anything special enough to pull out as the victor of this genre?