Bakers Yum Box Delivers Heavenly Goodness To Your Doorstep

If you’re like me, it’s hard to think of anyplace as home without the smell of fresh baked goods.




I was fortunate to grow up with a grandmother and mother who loved to bake, and though I haven’t tasted their masterpieces in years, I can easily recall the zucchini and banana breads that they made and re-enter the blissful state that those loaves would transport me to with every bite.


I think you have to live outside of the US for a time to truly appreciate what is lost without fresh baked goods as part of our daily lives. I’ve now spent considerable time living around Buenos Aires, where you never have to walk more than a few blocks to encounter a panaderia, or bread shop. My house always has either fresh bread, the local version of croissants (media lunas) or some pastry on the kitchen counter. Small, good things that provide a dose of comfort at any given moment – that serve as touchstones, which connect us as families and communities through the centuries-old craft of baking.


I know, I know, a rather longwinded introduction for Bakers Yum Box, a subscription box delivery service that specializes in baked goods. Consider it my humble attempt to suggest that it’s not false advertising in the least bit to provide “heaven in a box.”


Bakers Yum Box delivers banana nut bread, sweet treats and a surprise to your doorstep. Subscribers have the option of receiving only the signature bread or the bread accompanied by a rotating selection of eight different baked goods, such as cookies and brownies, along with a special “surprise gift” that varies each month.


The 8×4 banana walnut breads are made entirely from scratch, using all-natural ingredients.




After a youth spent baking and dreaming of baking for other people, founder Cynthia Dunbar has capitalized on the booming, box subscription economy to share her beloved secret recipe of banana nut bread more widely.


Dunbar adds, “The majority of subscription box services today typically send out an assortment of ingredients and a recipe and then bow out of the picture entirely, leaving the customer to handle the rest of the leg work. The great thing about Bakers Yum Box is that we provide added value by taking that extra step for you. Everything arrives freshly made, fully-baked, and ready to enjoy immediately. You’ve heard of farm-to-table. Bakers Yum Box is oven-to-table.”


If you don’t have bakers in the family, or lack the time to bake yourself – who needs reasons? If you want to treat yourself to some soul nourishing natural goodness, then see what’s rising at


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