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Bagatrix.comStop fearing math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry and all the lot: at you will find all you need to understand these subjects.

This essential guide to basic and intermediate math studies is the solution for all number problems. The site is the corporate page for Bagatrix, inc., an online company that sells the educational math software they develop, which is intended to aid study and understanding of mathematics, plus it features several online tutorials, glossaries and tools to help users and buyers understand homework and exercises. After proving payment information, you can choose to download whether to download the material or to order an information package that includes the CDs and print tutorials. In Their Own Words

“Stay ahead of the curve with superior software

Bagatrix is motivated by the belief that great educational experiences build great minds. Through interaction, example, and self-paced learning, Bagatrix sets the stage for great educational experiences to occur. Our innovative educational math tools transform the way students use technology at home and in the classroom, allowing them to stay well ahead of the curve.

Students everywhere rely on Bagatrix software

With the right tools, students can accomplish anything. Whether struggling in math or striving to get ahead, Bagatrix provides the tools needed to succeed. More than just answers, Bagatrix also provides step-by-step solutions and captures the knowledge needed to solve your problems. Students everywhere rely on Bagatrix software to work better, faster, and smarter.

Bagatrix focuses on the future of education

Bagatrix continues to leverage the power of cutting-edge technologies, providing award-winning software and web services designed to solve problems in creative new ways. The visionaries at Bagatrix remain committed to focusing on the future of mathematical learning tools while helping to provide exceptional educational experiences, one great mind at a time”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Recent studies have pointed out that 70% of US eight graders are not proficient in reading skills, and will not catch up, so it seems reasonable to think that the math odds are slightly poorer, so the tools that provides are not only cost-efficient, but also very timely.

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Of course, the problem with this site is the problem that all copyright-protected sites a faced with, and that is how to avoid their stuff from getting around in the net for free and thus loose their income.