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BackBase.comToday, everything’s about 2.0.

This has a number of implications and explanations, but the general consensus is that interactivity + shareability + content, content and more content = Web 2.0 heaven. Businesses and even major corporations have taken to it largely by adding social networking components to their websites. Backbase, a company specializing in Ajax and rich web applications has spearheaded the movement to get businesses and enterprises into Web 2.0 mode. They offer a range of software solutions to help businesses reach out to customers. Among Backbase’s offerings is a rich online environment tailored to meet customers needs and demands. They’ve got dashboards, co-browsing options, chat modules and plenty of tech support, consulting services and skills transfer to make sure that their product is easy to use and maintain. Backbase provides company’s with a user-friendly interface both for customers and for employees to ensure productivity and satisfaction. In Their Own Words

“At Backbase we have a single goal: Making Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to maintain.
It’s our Backbase 360 pledge.

It’s why customers made us the world’s leading provider of Ajax software and services. Companies of every size trust Backbase to power RIAs and self-service applications serving millions of users around the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Backbase provides a good software package to help companies go Web 2.0. Their rich Ajax applications enhance user experience while providing top notch customer service. On the company side of things, they have a range of experts to help get your employees up to speed.

Some Questions About

Backbase may provide the goods, but is their backup and training adequate enough for companies to implement on their own? Is this a realistic approach to making companies more user friendly and hi-tech?

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