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BackAtYou.comSocial marketing poses a whole new series of challenges, and these challenges are just too much for some people to handle. This comes at no surprise, really – people who have always seen things in black and white now have to learn to deal with a palette that is fuller and richer than they ever expected (or even imagined, for that matter). Fortunately, there are companies like Back At You around – companies that can provide those who have trouble finding their feet in this time dominated by Facebook and Twitter, and successfully market these services and products they deal in.

Back At You brings together all tools and methodologies that could give any brand a competitive advantage on the Internet, and both spread its message and maximize engagement in a more direct way. Using Back At You, it is very easy to generate everything from full campaigns to coupons and promotional emails, and have messages placed where customers are sure to react to them more positively.

And in addition to making it incredibly simple to have promotional messages spread throughout Facebook and Twitter, Back At You enables users to measure the results of such marketing campaigns – the whole application comes with fully-realized analytics that can be checked 24/7. In Their Own Words

Helping businesses use social media to drive sales.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a platform enables even those who are new to the social marketing scene to communicate messages in the most effective way of all.

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