– An Online Baby Scrap Book

BabyZBook.comThe Swiss, efficient as ever, have founded a new site which allows proud parents to move their baby scrap books online. BabyZBook (as in babies) is in beta and it’s available in a handful of languages including German, English and French.

Get starting with BabyZBook is relatively easy. You’ll need to register, first; afterwards you can begin assembling your book by adding pertinent information about your child’s birth—measurements, weight, time of birth, etc; you can create graphs and pull in multimedia content such as photos and photo albums. You’ll find tabs for different screen views and options. The design of the site is actually quite simple, yet attractive although you can’t customize the backgrounds or text. The actual dashboard for content management is easy enough to use, however, the options do need to be expanded. In Their Own Words


Why It Might Be A Killer

The interface is simple, so even the tech clueless will appreciate this site. It’s got a nice design. Parents will enjoy the ease of adding content in an online format which can easily be shared with friends and family.

Some Questions About

Parts of the site, namely the main navigation dashboard, seem thrown together in a haphazard manner. There’s no video option, which is a must these days. Users cannot customize their books. The feature set is somewhat limited. All in all, it needs work.