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BabyStepZ.comIt allows mothers to create personalized babybook/homepage/blog with just a couple of clicks. Every baby gets personal domain address such as: babyname. It has some of the good blogging features like updates via feeds. What makes it different from blogs is that mothers don’t have to think out what they need to write about, they just need to fill blanks!! If you have either youtube or google videos then there is an easy way to show them on baby’s website, no html code to copy, just paste a link. Every site looks unique because there are many design layouts and font customizations. A great websites for mothers to create their own baby’s website!!! In Their Own Words

“Make a baby memory book/homepage for your baby! Here you can make your baby’s very own website. Through that site you are easily able to share pictures and stories about your baby with all or some of your friends and relatives. Granddads and grandmoms as well as friends, who are living far away or near you, can look at the pictures and read the stories through the webpage. You can share your babys growing up joys and surprises with everyone, who is special to you and to whom you and your baby are special.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It might grow to be a killer because it gives mothers that have babies the chance to create a website about their babies for friends and family to see.

Some Questions About

How is this website going to deal with the competition? Why would users choose this website when there are so many blogging services? How is this website planning on gaining profits?