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Baby-Shower.comThis site is a good resource for anyone planning to host or go to a baby shower. The site pretty much explains all you need to know about the general idea of a baby shower and then goes into more detail on the different dimensions of a baby shower.


For example the site has an 11-step guide to hosting a shower. It then has a separate section on the planning timeline, and further sections on ideas for games, invites, and gifts. From the site you can also email in your own theme ideas. This gives it a personal feel. As well as this it has a huge number of links to other sites relating to its theme. In Their Own Words

“Making baby showers fun and easy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is useful in giving ideas and the content has been written with the target audience much in mind. For example, The 11-step guide and planning timeline demonstrate that understands that the people reading this page are most likely women, perhaps with children themselves and so very busy. All the information on the page is free as well as links to other content-related pages to again, save time for the site’s visitors. Furthermore baby showers are becoming increasing popular around the world.

Some Questions About

Poorly designed webpage with much outdated pictures, therefore is this page much out-done by its competitors? There are lots of competitors in this field, why would someone choose this one over another? What is there that makes this site special?

Author : Caroline Bright

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