Find Great Baby Gifts At Welcoming Home Baby (Including All The Stuff Parents Overlook)

More bibs. Trust me on this one. If you’re wondering what to get new parents as a gift, I guarantee that they don’t have enough bibs. Or clothes, or bottles, or diapers or…


I’m happy to report that I became a proud papa last October. I remember thinking in the months leading up to my son’s arrival: Dear God, this is a lot of stuff. It was, it is, and the collection just keeps growing. And the crazy truth is that new parents need it all.


Functioning on little sleep and figuring out how to take care of the little tyke place incredible pressures on parents. I don’t care how self-reliant you are, once baby arrives, you’ll soon be accepting all the help and gifts you can manage.


To those lovely souls looking to show their love and support to parents and to shower babies with all the love they deserve, Welcoming Home Baby makes gift giving a cinch.




Welcoming Home Baby is an online store that sells all kinds of baby gifts. They sell everything from personalized baby gifts to gift baskets, diaper cakes, welcome wagons and rocking horses. The site offers a nice blend of upscale, unique baby gifts and adorable, practical items.


Baby blankets, hooded towels, sleep outfits, changing pads, photo albums and toys – this is just a short list of some of the goods buyers can browse in the online catalog. Currently, the startup ships throughout Canada and the U.S. at flat rate fees.


Whether you’re in need of a gift for a baby shower or looking to welcome twins with favors, Welcoming Home Baby has your back. The collection offers plenty of both gender specific and gender neutral gifts, so whether or not the baby’s sex is known shouldn’t pose a problem for shoppers.


This Edmonton-based startup just had it’s grand opening in mid-April, and, in celebration, has plenty of great deals worth checking out. There’s even a best seller category to help out those who might have no idea what to give. The cakes offered on Welcoming Home Baby are especially attractive as they are delightfully designed – and promise to give parents the sugar rush they’ll need when their energy crashes.


Cute clothes, safe toys and products, seasonal items, a wide range of thoughtfully composed baskets… Welcoming Home Baby sells tons of gifts that friends and family can feel warm and fuzzy about sending. Baby and parents, no doubt, thank you in advance. Learn more details and start shopping for baby gifts at


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