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Uncategorized is an online music network created to give a space to emerging independent artists.

Developers have come up with the most innovative way to distinguish people’s taste in music and introduce new musical content to them. Users are able to see what is going on in their group of friends for example when their favorite artist uploads a new music and they get notified or when users find a music that they like, they can suggest it to their friends. In Their Own Words

“Babulous in the final month of 2006 and after a few months of very late nights and ignoring most social invitations the small team launched the site in June of 2007. We are not a large internet conglomerate with plans to take over the world, just a group of individuals that love music, entertainment, and history. We saw a great opportunity to make something that many people would enjoy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is able to detect the users need and provide them with good content before they ask for it. This website has the portability and the convenience of a website, but behaves with the response of a desktop application.

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